Online Reservations - SJSU Student Union, Inc.

Online Reservations - SJSU Student Union, Inc.

Student Union Event Services - EMS Web App

Welcome to Event Services' online reservation system - EMS - a web application tool for viewing and requesting bookable spaces at the Student Union. For more info on who we are and how to contact us, visit our website:
Existing Users: Enter your SJSU email address and Password to Login.

New Users: If you've contacted Event Services and an account has been provisioned for you, skip to the 'Password Reset' section to setup your password for login. 
All other users requesting access to EMS, if you are Campus Department official or Student Organization member with a title (i.e. President, VP or treasurer) please send an email to including your full name, title and the Student Group or Campus Department you represent. You can also visit the Event Services office at the 2nd floor in the Student Union Building (Room 2400).

Password Reset: From the Login page, click on "Forgot Password." When prompted, enter your email address and complete the verification test with the code displayed. A password reset link will be sent to your inbox, use it to update your password and login.

EMS Web App Guide


- What is EMS?
EMS stands for Event Management System. It is the new reservation tool for SU Event Services and provides open access to the Events schedule at the Student Union (for unauthenticated users). It also allows logged-in users view and manage reservation requests for the Student Union Theater, Ballrooms, Meeting rooms and other bookable locations managed by SU Event Services.

- Who can use EMS?
Campus Department officials and Student Organization members with title (i.e. President, Vice President or Treasurer) are the only users who should request access to this application.  Check within your department or group to ensure an EMS account doesn't already exist prior to contacting Event Services for access.

- Can I still use paper forms for reservation requests?
Yes, you can still submit paper forms for reservation requests. Please drop off completed forms at the Event services office (Student Union - Room 2400).

- How do I request access to EMS?
Send an email to including your full name, title and the Student Group or Campus Department you represent.

- I tried resetting my password but I haven't received a reset link.
The reset link should take no longer than 5 minutes to deliver to your registered email address. Be sure to check your spam folder and other labels in case mail is filtered. If you're still unable to find the password reset link, it's most likely because an EMS account hasn't been provisioned for your email address - contact Event Services for assistance.

Need help or have other questions about EMS?
Contact Event Services office directly at 408-924-6300 or send an email to